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  • "I just have to tell you that your chocolate is a huge hit in my family and with my friends. We are gourmet chocolate lovers and have tried chocolates from all over the world. Our taste buds have become very discriminating :)

    I love them all. The chocolates are divine, and perfectly spiced so that you can taste the nuances of the cacoa, but still experience that capsaicin rush. Excellent chocolates !! Wish you the very best always."

    Rashmi Oberoi

  • Authentic Flavoured, simply melt in mouth, the chocolate igniting passion in heart. You spoilt my tastebuds forever Tania…


  • Hey tania gr8 chocolates , amazin taste n innovative new flavours keep up da tasty work :)


  • Very good initiative taken by a very talented girl, the chocolates are delicious!

    Shashi Kapoor

  • I adore your chocolates! Thechocolatejar, you have a very long way to go:D

    Inayat Sood

  • The chocolates are AMAZING! Each flavour is finger licking good. God bless!

    Anubha Kapoor

  • Hmmmmmmm yumm yumm chocolates.......


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