Types of Chocolates

Flavoured Chocolates

Do you like your chocolate to have a different flavour each time you sink your teeth in it? Well, we have for you some mouth-watering flavours to give your chocolate a very unique flavour. Choose from exciting flavour essences like cinnamon, coffee, lemon, liqueur, mint, orange, raspberry and many more.

Assorted Chocolates

Ideal for gifting, our set of assorted chocolates include the sweet delights in flavours of roasted almonds, mixed nuts, mint, butterscotch, hazelnut, peanut, coconut and a whole lot more.

Spice Chocolates

If you like sugar, spice and everything nice, then we got all these ingredients mixed up for you right in this chocolate, which is made with spices.

Soft Center Chocolates

Indulge yourself in some awesome chocolate fantasies with our special soft center delights, which have rich, creamy delicious fillings in various flavours. Each bite of chocolate brings with it an element of surprise hidden inside. It is the perfect collection of dark or milk chocolate covered creams made with raspberry, orange, lemon, blueberry or vanilla flavours.


Rich in taste, our truffles have a cream-based ganache filled center covered with a thick layer of either dark or milk chocolate and garnished with nuts or cocoa powder. They are hand crafted using rich chocolate blended with fresh cream and the finest of flavourings.

Liquor Chocolates

If you want to get high on chocolates, then there's nothing better than our liquor chocolates. Irresistible in taste, the liquid-centered chocolates that we offer are available in different flavours and tastes and have strong chocolate shells that can be filled with alcohol of your choice.

Chocolates - coated biscuits

Crunch on our exotic chocolate-coated biscuits, which are generously garnished with nuts, sugar candies and more.

Designer Chocolates

Our hand-crafted designer chocolates, which are available in attractive designs and shapes like flowers, teddy bears and other shapes are favourite of kids and parents too.

Chocolate Lollipops

Children simply love lollipops. And when they are covered in gooey chocolate, they are bound to be a hit! So, do try our sumptuous chocolate lollipops, which are made from hygienic ingredients and are remarkable for their unique taste and flavour.

Fruit Chocolates

If you are a fruit lover as well as a chocolate fanatic and are confused as to choose which one between the two, then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of our exotic fruit chocolates. We bet that you'll be pleasantly surprised with this heavenly symphony of fruit and chocolate!

Sugar-Free Chocolates

We have a special treat for all those weight-watchers who avoid chocolates because of the oodles of calories in them. We present to you our splendid sugar-free chocolates, which are made with low calorie sweeteners. So, now you can indulge in all those sweet temptations without worrying about the calories!

Reiki Bars

Our Reiki chocolate bars are truly one of their kind, as they are made with various healing techniques like Reiki, Karuna Reiki and other metaphysical holistic healing energies to make them beneficial for you. These chocolates will help you to release your tension and stress, and you will feel relaxed and happy. They can be customized according to your taste with nuts, sugar candies and more.

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