Welcome to The Chocolate Jar!

Your first reward as a child, your favourite birthday present, your choicest gift for your loved ones and your finest indulgence on the most special occasions - Chocolate. Now it gets even better custom made and right delivered with The Chocolate Jar.

Introducing a series of chocolate-y delights that send you directly to the seventh heaven.A
mouth-watering array of deliciously decadent signature chocolates, these world-class desserts bring in a new way to indulge your palate.

Taste itFeel itKnow it

These products release tension and stress and help in relaxation with an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

That sheer pleasure and satisfaction of tasting a melting chocolate bar is not unknown. For centuries chocolate has been tickling taste buds of foodies around the world.

This is what our clients have to say...

"Authentic flavoured, simply melt in mouth, the chocolate igniting passion in heart. You spoilt my tastebuds forever Tania…"


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